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                   Iris Giclee Limited Edition Prints, Page 1

                                          Other prints are displayed on "Original Art"  & "Illustration" pages.

                                              All prints are Limited Editions signed and numbered.

   See:   Maine Coast Prints: Page 2

Please scroll & click these partial images for complete Print images and Prices

   Blue Mountain Lodge

   Two sizes:

    25x20 & 18x14

   The Village Store

   (in Bridgewater CT)


   Original art has been sold


    The Story Tellers 

    Two sizes:

     29x20 & 18x12 Story tellers

   Summer's Bounty

   Two sizes:

    27x20 & 18x13

Original art sold and is    

also published as a greeting card  & collector's puzzle, but is available for other licensing.


   Two sizes:

   20x25 & 14x18

   Holiday Bandstand


  Original art Sold & is also published as a greeting card & tin, but is available for other




   East Meets West

   Two sizes:

   25x20 & 18x14

   Larson's Farmhouse

   Original art Sold


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