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Lorraine's People Art: page 3

                                   When not currently available,  Limited Edition Prints of images might be created on request.


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   Great Expectations 

   Watercolor 14x14


   Watercolor 7x10


   Once upon a

   hammock 1


   Watercolor 12x17   

   Vintage Clothing

   Watercolor 18x13


   Watercolor  8x11

   The Berry Pickers

   Watercolor 18x24


But available: Iris Giclee Print,   17x24

   Once upon a

   Hammock 2

   Watercolor 13x10


   A Pretty Flower

   Watercolor 11x15

  A Sunny Afternoon

  Watercolor 11x15

Tom on Mykonos

  Watercolor 6x7


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