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            New Milford, CT

    Commemorative Painting:

      300 Years: 1707 to 2007





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                                                       Some People are simply driven to draw and paint what they see around them. I am one of them. I began as a small child and I have been an artist all of my life. My paintings are executed in water colors and acrylics. I have never indulged in abstract intellectual notions of art. I have merely tried to capture the things I enjoy observing, while hoping to share these observations with others.        








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I firmly believe in the preservation of things natural, though I saw little of nature while growing up on the streets of New York.  I began to draw in earnest before entering first grade, and I did my first paintings (oils on cardboard) when I was eleven years of age.  Back then, I mistakenly saw this as a  mere hobby (I built model airplanes, too).  But after a lifetime engaged in commercial art I've turned my attention to the fine art of wildlife painting, trying to capture in watercolors the many wonderful creatures residing in the natural world.